How and when to use Shredder Oil

Most shredding machines need to be oiled to ensure they function properly. The finer the shred the paper shredder makes the more oil it will need. Small particle cut shredders and high security specification machines require regular oiling and some Dahle machines come complete with an automatic oiling system.

Shredder oil is the only lubricant which should be used on your shredder. Shredder oil is specially formulated to leave no residue on the cutters. Other oils will attract paper dust and in turn clog the cutting head. Dahle oil is specified specifically for Dahle machines and has been subjected to extensive testing.

Application of shredder oil in your Dahle shredder

The procedure for oiling shredding machines is very simple and will help prolong its working life of your machine. Shredder oil is typically either packaged in a squeezy bottle, spray can, or in pre-impregnated sheets. Oil from a squeezy bottle or spray can needs to be applied directly onto the cutting head. This is done through the paper entry throat. Oil from one side of the shredder opening to the other. Turn the machine on and use forward and reverse for about 10 seconds to allow the oil to transfer to all parts of the cutting head. The final step is to shred a few sheets of paper to remove any excess oil.


The frequency that your Dahle Shredder needs oil is defined by the volume of paper being processed and the length of time consumed for each shredding session. It is advisable to oil before use if the shredder has not been used for some time (weeks) and when the session exceeds 4 hours.

Too much oil will not damage the machine but it is wasteful. In a busy office where the shredder is being used several times a day, the shredder should be oiled at least once a day at the start of the session.