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Paper Shredders are now a vital tool for the protection our financial information, documents and identity data in the home and office. The theft of ID information and financial information is endemic. Our homes generate plenty of waste paper from children’s homework to unsolicited post. Add a home office and the paper pile of useful decipherable information grows bigger. In order to protect sensitive and/or confidential information from getting in the hands of identity thieves, many people choose to shred a lot of this paper. Personal and small office paper shredders can do the job, but shredders have advanced dramatically to cater for all paper volumes, security levels and budgets.

Dahle can help find the best balance of price, features, and performance so you buy the shredder that does the job; a paper shredder that is covered by a 2 year guarantee for mechanical operation plus 5 years on the cutting blades.

Should you struggle to find what you are looking for please call us on 01733 530170 so we can help with any questions.




Looking for replacement cutter heads or guillotine blades?



All of the products you find on our webshop come directly from Dahle’s UK Distrubution Centre.


We have been dealing with the German manufacturer for over 13 years so you have the confidence in the company you are buying from.


We have a direct link through to the manufacturer so if we don’t know the answer we get it for you.


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